A Few Words About Our Services:

How this works:
Whether you call us or just visit the website, you will be instructed to first fill out the form located on the  Contact Us Form  page. When we receive that through our email we'll review it, and if you qualify we'll contact you to send you an Application for Transport form by fax or email.  To view this form click here  Application ( you cannot fill it out online or download it ). You'll then fill it out, making sure to provide all the requested information, and return that to us. Our Administrative Staff will review it, and decide if we can grant your request. You will be notified either way of our decision. Our decision is based solely on whether we believe granting your request will actually improve your situation or solve a critical problem in your life and is made without regard to race, religion, gender, or age.
We can't list every anticipated circumstance, so even if you don't see your particular issue listed here, contact us and ask us to review your request.

Please note: Protective escort service available on a limited basis.



Persons with special needs due to handicap or disability now have a less complicated way to take cross-country trips. Our lift- or ramp-equipped vans make the journey comfortable and affordable. Options such as taking along your companion/attendant or assistance animals are available. Generally we ask for at least 2 weeks' notice, but emergency transport (within reason) can be arranged if necessary. This includes people for whom use of public transportation is impractical or uncomfortable for any reason. One-way or round-trip. Client may specify driver's gender.

At-Risk Movement:

Sometimes you feel like you can't escape a bad situation, but this is one of the primary reasons this organization was founded: to help people decide that they CAN make changes. We offer confidential, secure relocation transportation, including helping runaways return home... when you are ready, there are people waiting to help you. Client may specify driver's gender. If you feel you are not safe contact your local support agencies (and see our  Helpful Links page).

Property/Pet Movement:

In some situations we will move personal property, such as personal mobility equipment or medical equipment, from one location to another within the US. We will also move non-exotic pets, subject to an unfortunately lengthy list of restrictions.

Funeral Services:

It is an unfortunate reality that every year many people die far from home and/or loved ones... while vacationing or traveling. We will, on a limited basis, review requests for relocation of a person's body or ashes, subject to routine compliance determinations ( which may vary from state to state ), or arrange transportation for someone to attend a funeral, or assist a survivor in accomplishing a deceased's last wishes. If you lost a loved one on our nation's highways, or someone who is memorialized in a distant location, call us about memorial visitation or maintenance.

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