We prioritize available funds and services as follows: Exigent medical need; at-risk children; at-risk women with children; at-risk women; disabled; at-risk child return (run-away); military/spouse; injured/displaced veteran; hospice or convalescent patient; displaced/homeless person; pet; property. We make every effort to facilitate a person's transport from Point A to Point B, but we DO NOT arrange for, or accept responsibility for, whatever happens once someone reaches Point B, nor are we a "moving company." We do not make "local" moves (see your area's business directory for local services), and we cannot "wait" for patients at appointments. We limit displaced/homeless assistance to one time only.

We try to help everyone who asks, but of course we must have a few simple guidelines:

1. Travel must remain within the borders of the United States.
2. We may, in order to serve you, need some flexibility in your schedule.

3. Proper identification is required (confidentiality is guaranteed).
4. Financial assistance is individually determined based on need and circumstances.

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