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A Note from our Executive Director:

162396707205        If you're wondering why we do this, or where I got the idea, all I can say is that it's a combination of my own experiences in life and the desire to make a difference. I have been homeless, and hungry, and alone; frustrated and lost. I feel led to use my life experiences to reach out to those who believe there is no one left to help them. I've driven trucks across this country for nearly 30 years and every day I see people stranded, forgotten, lost, hopeless... I see people driving $150,000 motor homes under overpasses where someone sleeps who hasn't eaten for three days. I decided to found this organization with the intent of helping those who "fall between the cracks" of traditional social service programs. We operate solely on donations, and out of our own pockets; unlike many "charities" today, we do not pay our officers and staff multi-million dollar salaries; in fact at this time none of our administrative staff draw a salary.  
        Alpha Mobility Mission was started with a hope, a dream, and a prayer, and not much else; we're finding the waters of philanthropy to be difficult and complicated streams to navigate. We realize times are tough for many (we get those calls every day) and we're struggling to provide the funding for the help we give others. We don't judge why people need help, only reach out to help them. I urge you to consider supporting our Mission.
         Please Help Us Help, even small amounts add up to big help for somebody. We're not asking people to give up their condo, sell the Escalade, or cancel their gym memberships... just maybe the cost of one super-sized double-cheeseburger meal; that can't be too much to ask! We understand the reluctance to pull over and help a stranded motorist, or homeless person, but you CAN help by supporting Alpha Mobility Mission and make a tax-deductible donation today. Thank you for your time and consideration. May all your trips be safe and successful.

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