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Most Americans take their freedom of movement much too much for granted, but not everyone can take advantage of unlimited personal mobility. We feel it is our "Mission" to reach out to the hundreds of people who every year find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, or who find using public transportation impractical or undesirable. Many of these people feel frustrated, trapped, hopeless... we're here to change that. We rely exclusively on donations to provide the funds we use to accomplish the Mission of helping others become mobile; we consider our organization to be the travel/transportation equivalent of a "rescue mission". Obviously we screen applicants, but we try to do so in a timely and impartial manner.

Everyone knows someone who has said, "IF I could just get out of here, or get myself to .................., then I could .......................". Or someone who just wants to go somewhere for a family or social event but can't. Maybe someone who wishes they could be closer to loved ones, or have access to a far-away medical facility. Alpha Mobility Mission was formed to grant that wish. Pass our information along to anyone you know who needs our help... and to anyone you know who might be willing to  Help Us Help others and accomplish our Mission. Although we are not affiliated with any church or denomination, we want to remind the world that God's people still care. We rely heavily on the generosity of American businesses, and the public, for financial assistance, and we're grateful to those who support our Mission. We're not here to preach, just to reach out.

Some transport services are provided by contracted carriers, including air, rail, bus, or other existing alternatives.

A quick word about legal issues: It seems contradictory to call a non-profit organization a corporation, but in the State of Kansas, where we're based  ( ID # 6406201), it's required by law. "Non-profit" just means that we put all of the money we receive back into our Mission of helping others, rather than paying stockholders (since there aren't any). We are also recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt Public Charity, so your contribution is tax-deductible

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